The Walking Let Go – Season 1 Episode 1 (Days Gone Bye) – Part 1

My friend, that I call “sister-friend” or “schwesterfreund” or “hermiga”, Miriam, is a bit squeamish when it comes to nasty, slimy, blood and guts and veins in your teeth sorts of things.  Like The Walking Dead on AMC.  Last year, I was telling her about the show and going into graphic detail when I took a look at her and noticed her face was pale and her skin clammy.  It was then that I apologized and continued the story, watering it down (very much) for her.  Every week I would give her a “Sum-Up” of what was happening because she actually got into the show through my descriptions because there was no way she would watch the show as long as there were zombies (bad guys) and people getting killed (let go) by bad buys that would eat them (beat them up).  This is opposed to “real bad guys” like the governor who “really beats people up”.  SO, without further ado, this series on my blog is dedicated to my wunderbar schwesterfreund, Miriam, and to all the others out there that don’t have the stomach for nastiness.

The story opens up on a literal crossroad, which is quite metaphoric and foreshadowy really because the characters are oft times at a crossroad of some kind.  Anyway, Rick, the main dude pulls up in a cop car because he’s a cop.  And there’s burnt out cars and stuff tipped over as if there were riots because the Cubs won the World Series.  So he gets a gas can out of the trunk and is going to the gas station to try and siphon some gas but the sign says “No Gas.”  It’s all quiet and spooky like and all you hear are the crickets and things blowing around.  Then you hear shuffling footsteps.  Not like a dance shuffling or LMFAO shuffling but like dragging your feet shuffling.  And Rick gets down on his knees and looks under the car and sees little feet shuffling around in little fuzzy slipper and the little something picks up a teddy bear and starts shuffling again.  Rick stands up and walks over and it’s a little girl but her back is to him now as she’s heading in a different direction.  He says “Little girl…don’t be afraid.  I’m a policeman.” which under normal circumstance would be sorta creepy but it’s creepy in a different way now.  So he repeats it and the little girl turns around and she’s let go and has turned into a bad guy.  So she makes the now familiar let go gurgling sound and starts to chase Rick who starts to run away and pulls out his shooter and really lets the girl go.  And that starts the now very familiar creepy music that starts the credits that continues the show.

The next part is a flashback.  It’s Rick and his cop partner Shane talking in the cop car.  They are talking about men and women.  And we come to find out that Rick and his wife Laurie are having some marital problems.  Could be like normal cop and wife marital problems but we don’t know.  Then they get a call over the cop radio about bad guys (real bad guys)and they fly to help out with the high speed chase.  They spread spike strips and wait.  So the bad guys come flying down the road and hit the spike stips and go flying.  I mean flipping and tumbling and rolling and they end up upside down in the field.  All the cops are pointing their guns at the car and a bad guy comes out and starts shooting at the cops.  They start shooting back and the bad guy shoots Rick, but it hits his bullet proof vest.  He goes down nonetheless and the other cops let the bad guy go.  Then another guy comes out and starts shooting at the cops and they let him go too.  They think that’s all the bad guys and Shane goes to help Rick and he says Laurie can’t know he got shot, like ever.  And just then a third bad guy gets out and really shoots Rick.  And the cops let the last bad guy go.  It’s not looking good for Rick.  The ambulance comes and then we see from Ricks point of view in the hospital and it’s fuzzy and grainy and choppy.  And Shane brings flowers.  Then he goes out and comes back like it’s only been a few seconds.  But nobody is around.  He calls out and no one answers.  Then he looks over and the flowers are dead.  How can that be?  He was only out for a little bit, right?  Nope.  He manages to get up and out of bed and walks around an abandoned hospital that’s pretty creepy. Lights are flickering and papers are on the floor and equipment turned over.  What in the world is going on?  He walks around the corner and looks through the windows of the door down the hallway and there is someone that has been beat up by the bad guys.  He freaks out a little and walks around and comes up to a door that’s chained shut and it says Don’t Open, Let Go inside.  And the doors start shaking and hands come through the cracks and you hear the telltale sound of let go people.  Now Rick is really freaking out.  He runs away into a pitch black staircase and uses a book of matches he found on the counter to see where he’s going.  He makes it to an emergency exit and walks outside into blinding sunlight.  And here he sees wrapped up really let go people.  Let go after let go.  He starts to really really panic now cause they are all over the place.  He stumbles out still in his hospital gown and it looks like a war zone.  Helicopters and army tanks and blowed up buildings.

He’s getting better at walking now and finds a bike with half a bad guy laying down nearby.  He picks up the bike and half a bad guy starts gurgling and crawling toward him trying to let him go.  He freaks out and eventually gets on the bike and goes away.  Then he goes home and calls out to his wife and nobody’s there.  He calls out to his son, Carl, and nobody answers.  And then he breaks down because he thinks they got let go.  He goes outside and sits on the steps and sees a bad guy walking toward him but he doesn’t do anything. Then you see a person behind Rick but you don’t know if it’s a good guy or a bad guy.  He makes a noise and then next thing you see is Rick being hit in the head with shovel!  Ouch!  It’s a little black kid and he screams out to his dad that he got one.  Rick thinks it’s Carl cause he’s emotional and he just got hit in the head with a shovel.  Then the kids dad walks up to the bad guy and lets him go before coming up to his kid and Rick.  The guy points a gun at Rick and asks what his wound is.  Rick isn’t quite sure what’s going on still probably because of shock and probably because he got hit in the head by a shovel and doesn’t say anything.  Then the guy cocks his gun and says that he will let Rick go if he doesn’t answer.  Then Rick passes out.

That’s all for today.  Part 2 of Episode 1 will probably come tomorrow.  But don’t hold your breath cause that would be a long time to hold your breath.


One thought on “The Walking Let Go – Season 1 Episode 1 (Days Gone Bye) – Part 1

  1. i had no idea WD had started. i’m 3 eps behind. thank god for OnDemand! perhaps you can water your story down even more and make it a children’s story. there are far creepier kids’ tales out there, like Pan’s Labyrinth.

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