The Trials of Miriam – Part Three

The Trials of Miriam – Part Dos


The Trials of Miriam – Part Trois

“This is taking forEVER!” Miriam impatiently said to the clerk as a long line of Englandish men stood waiting to buy their wives flowers after their business trips. One man in particular that she didn’t notice stood behind her. She didn’t notice him because, like her, he was an international spy too. His name was…Christopher.

“Go, Miriam! I’ll pay for the flowers.” Chris held up a wad of fivers and whipped two bills out and slammed them on the counter. “Go, gosh darnit!”

Miriam ran. She had to get to the Tube station before the next train left along the line to Piccadilly Circus where she would surely lose him in the crowd. She ran so fast she had a fleeting thought that she could have won a Gold for her country in track and field at the Olympics that were held here only months previous. Oh yeah, this takes place in 2012.

The train hadn’t arrived yet but she felt the warm air being forced out of the tube tunnel and heard the screeching of the train cars. She found her mark, whose name happened to be Mark and breathlessly walked up to him and handed him the flowers. Stunned and speechless and slightly embarrassed, he stammered a weak “Thank you” amongst all the Thinging Thespians who said a collective and slightly stereotypical homosexual sounding, “Awww”, in perfect harmony, as they boarded the train.

Still out of breath, Miriam turned and ran back to the flower counter where Chris was finally signing the credit card receipt refunding the amount, minus the exchange rate, and charging another fee for refunding the money back into American dollars. In the end she paid more for the flowers in banking fees than the flowers actually cost.

“So you found him I see.” Chris said observantly because she wasn’t carrying the flowers anymore.
“Only barely,” she said. “It had the effect I wanted. He was stunned and embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. I needlessly brought attention to myself which all good international spies mustn’t do, but that was exactly what he was expecting, so by doing the unexpected, he suspects and expects nothing to come of it. But, therein lies the beauty of the plan because now I have the upper hand of knowing what to expect.”

Chris took a moment to complete the loop of logic in his mind before proceeding. Once he did, he handed her some cash, “Here’s your change for the flowers. Let me know if you need any help on the case. I’ve been assigned by your boss as your Angel for this mission.”

Angels were created out of a need to protect important assets. They hung around in the rafters trailing the asset and protecting them from unforeseen and foreseen dangers. They were the second best in the Agency, the best being the assets themselves. But they were still pretty darn good. Most everybody owed their Angel a case of beer for pushing them out of the way of a speeding car or taking down an assassin in the middle of Times Square in broad daylight or pulling the emergency cord of an Amtrak as they sped off in Nebraska before the train hit a herd of deaf buffalo that couldn’t hear the train whistle and therefore wouldn’t get out of the way of the train…….stay tuned for more Trials of Miriam!!!!


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